VOA Collective reached out to us for an exciting mission, to create a series of mesmerizing CGI films for the launch campaign of their cosmic new collection, inspired by the enigmatic beauty of outer space and the Orion constellations.

ORION COLLECTION, is a call to reconnection and evolution. It is an invitation to awaken our innate curiosity and recognize the importance of enlightenment in a world that often seems asleep in ignorance.

Stepping into the spotlight of these films are our ever-inspiring avatar models, Cosmo and Siurana, adorned in Chroma Bureau's chic attire, as they gracefully interact with the enchanting array of stylish eyewear models.

Embark on this cosmic odyssey with us, venturing through the depths of space and beyond.

Origin, strength and solemnity. VOA Collective’s Second limited-edition, Orion Collection, encompasses the brand’s character and prophetic vision. Four models inspired by the four stars of the Orion constellation: Alnilam, Heka, Alnitak and Mintaka.

All pieces of the collection are portals to connect us with the sacred places of ancient civilizations aligned with the Orion constellation: the Xiàn Pyramid in China, the Sun Pyramid in Teotihuacán, Mexico, the Pyramids of Egypt, and the Easter Island in Chile.

Gaze into the brightness of tomorrow. 
Available now on voacollective.com

Creative Direction & Production: Pablo Alfieri
CGI Artists: Alex Levinton, Macs Riedel, Mateo Vallejo, Nacho Velasco, Thais Altés, Sergio Fuego, Pablo Alfieri, Nikolai Pulger
Digital Fashion design: Naty Lara
Soundtrack: Guido Smider

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