We joined forces with Final Frontier to craft the launch film for Vivo’s S17 device, with a focus on the White Jade-textured exterior.

Vivo wanted something new and unseen presented as a piece of visual poetry, while showcasing the product’s various unique attributes, all in a 45-second, product-centric commercial. Conceptually, Vivo gave us three key pillars, ‘Technology’, ‘Humanity’, and ‘Premium’, that needed to be broken down into an array of sensations. On top of that, they wanted the spot to feel young, chic and alive.

Inspired by the precious stone’s associations with clarity and serenity, our approach involves deconstructing and reconstructing the phone into translucent geometrical configurations and layers. Dynamic lighting, angles and close-up shots entice the viewer to reach out and touch the surface of the device.

We were inspired by geometry and the idea of reinterpreting elements. Much like a precisely crafted art installation, we wanted to guide the viewer through seemingly chaotic compositions that were balanced by the beauty of the frames. Ultimately, we sought to generate a pleasing sensorial experience.


Client: Vivo
Production: Final Frontier
Directed & Produced by Playful
Creative Direction: Pablo Alfieri
EP: Agustina Santkovsky
CGI artists: Alex Levinton, Juan Coria, Gonzalo Miranda, Macs Riedel, Nacho Velasco, Thais Altes, Sergio Damonte, Jordi Cerda
Post: Matias Mastrogiano
Music: Facu Capece
End Card: KK X

Thanks for watching :)