Formula 1 
Image proposal

Antena 3 Tv

Done at Zeligstudio
Creative Director: Ana Zelich
Art Direction: Thais Altès
3D artists: Thais Altes, Jakob Conrad
Graphic Design: Mireia Pons
Production: Fabiana Andreatta
This proposal for the the Formula 1 on Antena 3 and Nitro is based on a 3D image that conveys power and speed, without the need to rebuild a hyper-realistic environment. We want to express the power of the machines and the idea of ​​race by building dynamic elements (car / circuit) and the montage with the audio effects.
We create a narrative for both opening title and for the ID, that explains an idea of global sequence / race.

Opening title: construction of a machine / car,  as an assemblage of parts. Floor space opens and is built by a coating of squares.
ID: the idea is the race and competition between two cars in a duel on a circuit that is built from the foreground.

As for color contest, we remain in a corporate palette with both channels, to reinforce the idea of brand among A3/Nitro and Formula1.

See full project on Behance