Chroma Bureau is a digital fashion brand inspired by the dynamic interplay between humans, nature, and new technologies.  Where fashion, design, science and art coexist to go beyond reality.​​​​​​​

We present Chroma as a tool to express new identities and to play with them.
Chroma collections are timeless, un-seasonal, sophisticated but sport, urban and protective, and last but not least genderless and sizeless.

Chroma is Color Purity, it refers to the 3 primary Digital colors, it relates to movement and change of infinite dimensions.

The 3 linked rings work as portals to travel to new realities and represent the connection between humans, nature, and technology.

We started to explore this concept of infinity and developed a dynamic identity, playing with the three rings to create different design dimensions to the identity. This is a small selection of the results that came up.  

For the typography we wanted to create contrast, we experiment by mixing more chunky heavy and geometric typographies to preserve that street sport fashion identity and mixing them with more elevated and disruptive typographies, we linked all the universe in small capsules that then we used for all the graphic content creation, from the prints of the garments to all the communication.

Chroma Genesis collection is inspired by the feeling of traveling, at that moment when you are prepared to let go. We imagine a journey from different perspectives, identities, and dimensions in time and space.

Chroma genesis collection explores this concept through sport luxury garments with our digital craftsmanship. With this video, we launch the brand and the collection and open the door to new creative adventures. 

Inspired by the astronaut suits, this jumpsuit is the sexiest version of your worker's outfit. Jumpsuit in translucent waterproof material, elastic high waist design, back pockets with bellows to keep all you need to travel, and hidden arm pocket.
3 panels Hoodie with dual drawstring adjusters, and frontal zipper in translucent waterproof material.

Inspired by the combat pilot uniforms, this jumpsuit is functional and comfortable.
Jumpsuit with multiple pockets to keep all the things you need to travel, back secret pocket with zipper for the important stuff. Pilot hat on soft perforated leather with chroma brand button detail.

Inspired by the night cyclist travelers, this outfit will shine at the perfect time.
Reversible Long blazer, with side bellow pockets, adjustable wrist stripes, and branded adjustable belt with reflective material. Long-sleeved T-shirt with high neck, made of stretch fabric for better flexibility. High waist cyclist in a breathable material
Protective Bucket hat with breathable dotted material in the front face, reflective chroma brand stripe, and dual drawstring adjusters.

Inspired by the wing suit, this rounded jacket is perfect to fly galaxies.
Rounded flying jacket with tall neck and side zipper pockets. Fur and waterproof material combination. Protective hat with side adjustable stripes.

Inspired by the fire bomber suit, this outfit is perfect for your next trip to Mars.
Long blazer with heat protective material, reflective brand stripe in the back, side zipper pocket. 5 panel protective hat in fire-resistant material. Long-sleeved T-shirt with a high neck, made of breathable material to keep your body fresh. Seamless cyclist shorts with organic body shape and mixed breathable materials. Sport league, element of good luck for your next travels.

Inspired by the butterfly catcher, this look is perfect for all kinds of weather, extreme sun, or extreme torments, you’ll be ready for everything.
Oversized jacket with an impenetrable barrier of protection against moisture that ensures the material is always dry. Seamless Sport top and cyclist made with elastic material for absolute comfort, and breathable material to stay fresh, frontal zipper, and accessory on the front.

Inspired by the beekeeper suit, this lightweight outfit will allow you to move freely to raise and care for out of space honeybee colonies. Lightweight jacket in waterproof material. Hat in translucent gradient veil with UV protection. Bodysuit with shoulders, frontal zipper and Chroma brand accessorie. Translucent socks with elastic base.

Inspired by the botanic worker outfits, this look is the ideal camouflage for your jungle and woods travels. Protective hat with waterproof material, and side buttons to open and close. Sport corset and triangular top. Elastic waist pants with diagonal cuts, dual drawstring adjusters, and pockets with bellows to keep all you need. Lightweight sports vest with a brand stripe on the back. Sport long gloves in breathable material.

Inspired by snow skiing, this look is the most comfortable way to travel through the moon, its technological materials can resist any meteor shower. Protective Hat with special visor, fire-resistant coat with brand stripe. Training jumpsuit in breathable mesh material. Inflatable vest with intelligent material that prevents the wind from penetrating the garment, minimizing the effects of cooling. Inflatable arm warmers with double-layer material.

Inspired by SciFi & space travel movies, this look will keep you warm, even on the coldest galaxies. Protective hat with brand stripe detail and dual drawstring adjusters in the back. Top in breathable mesh material, with high neck and chroma frontal accessories. Pants with side and back pockets with bellows, adjustable brand stripe and belt. Oversize Inflatable jacket with intelligent material that reads your temperature and adapts to it.

Inspired by the vintage hostess dress, this look is perfect to seduce any out space creature. Hat in lightweight and protective material with cloak and reflective brand stripes details. Dress in breathable mesh material, with high neck. Garter belt with translucent elastic socks. Sport gloves with respirable material.

We designed 3 pair of shoes to cover the adventure, the gamma heels, the Hydra Boots and the S4716 Sneakers. We get exited with the sneakers, so we create a full case.

Sexy and comfortable heels, with a soft interior and shiny finish, a reinvented classic. Its silhouette, geometric but sinuous, is distinguished by the pointed heel and the elongated toe. They are the ultimate expression of timeless elegance. Inspired by the paradise flower.

Resistible boots, designed with an impenetrable barrier against rain and snow, so your body stays dry. The light materials help regulate body temperature to always be comfortable. The Rubber geometric sole offers grip, traction, and durability on wet and dry surfaces. The perfect boots to explore new and risky territories.

You can buy the goodies at and discover all the details of the collection. For more travel adventures, we invite you to follow us on Instagram @chroma_bureau. And if you feel more futuristic, you can go to Dressx to buy the Chroma fashion looks.
Always Grateful to our beloved CGI Wizards for joining us in this journey! <3 

Produced by: Playful
Executive Production & Creative Direction: Pablo Alfieri
Digital Fashion Design: Naty Lara
Branding: Pablo Alfieri & Naty Lara 
Kinetic Animations: Fede Maks
CGI Artist: Mariano Abel, Macs Riedel, Alex Levinton, Thais Altes, Nacho Velasco
Character 3d Modelling: Rafa Zabala Studio
Character Texturing, Shading & Lighting: Ruan Els, Nemanja Ivanovic
Character Animation: Twisted Mountain Animations
Sound Design:
Nick Chotkowski & Guido Smider, Smider agency