Christmas ID's


Creative concept: AXN 
Direction: Ana Zelich
3d Designers: Thais Altès
Animation & composition: Tilmann Kerkhoff
Production: Fabiana Andreatta
Music: AXN
AXN and its sub-brands (White and Black) are entertainment channels for a young adult audience who likes action and adventure, with the best international series and movies.
We designed and directed two IDs to be broadcasted simultaneously in Spain and in Portugal, in order to congratulate Christmas time to their viewers.
Both are based on a typographical design through two sentences with a Christmas message. The environment is illustrated by way of tape "strips" that unfold in waves and spirals forming around each of these phrases.
Every shot looks for spectacular angles and generates a crescendo in the composition.
The aim was to create a colorful image, where the 3D animation of graphics interact with words and generates a moving Christmas.

Full project on Behance​​​​​​​
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